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On October 14,2016,held in Hong Kong airport asiaworld-expo sponsored by the global sources electronis show,company leaders to participation,feeling the ever-changing science and technologe,the crystallization of human science and technology progress.

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Hunan liuyang warmer winters,enterprise line of Kada love 

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Watch maintenance instructions:

1, your watch at room temperature 5 degrees -35 degrees, can be stable and accurate work.

2, the table to maintain the normal position, to avoid the operation of the water table in the.
3, watch in the evening between nine to three am, do not adjust the school calendar.
4, to avoid the watch is a strong collision or with acid, alkali, salt and other corrosive substances in contact with.Note
5, antimagnetic watch, watch TV, and avoid the computer magnetic products together.
6, watch store before the dirt and sweat with a thin cloth wipe. Storage should avoid mothballs, pest control agent and other chemicals. Long time not wearing a mechanical watch, should be a regular time to ensure the normal operation of manual winding movement.
7, watch wear Leather Watchband should pay attention to maintenance, cleaning the bathroom immediately after watchband with clean soft cloth to wipe dry absorbent, long time contact with water when it is best not to wear a belt table. You can use the eraser gently wipe dirt on watchband. Leather Watchband also avoid long time direct sunlight.
8, tungsten carbide, sapphire, high-tech precision ceramic materials such as do the appearance of pieces of watches, although has the advantages of very high hardness, single combat performance is inferior to that of stainless steel, should avoid impact and to avoid falls, diamond, corundum, granite, sand and concrete wall surface friction.
9, metal watchcase, watchband need regular cleaning, dry wash with water. Chemical products, cosmetics, water, dirt will corrosion watches the appearance of pieces, and can cause adverse reactions such as individual skin allergies.